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General Server Information
  • 50x Base Experience
  • 50x Job Experience
  • 10x Quest Experience
  • 30x Normal Drops
  • 10x MVP Drops
  • 5x MVP / Mini Boss Card Drops
  • 10x Card-granted Item Drops
  • 10x Pet / Homunculus Intimacy
Maximum Non-Transcendent Level - 99/50
Maximum Transcendent Level - 99/70
Main Town - Prontera
Time Zone - GMT -5

Episode: 13.1
Test Server "Wool" (For Builds, Exploring, And Seeing How Things Work)
Ventrilo Server (See "General" Forums)
Healer (One-Click)
Town Warper
Dungeon Entrance Warper
Stat/Skill Resetter
Job Changer
War of Emperium: First Edition
War of Emperium: Second Edition
Battlegrounds (Including KvM and 5v5 Arenas)
Expanded PvP Arenas
Endless Tower, Sealed Shrine, Orc's Memory Instances
Stylist (Featuring User Submitted Palettes)
Dead Branch Arena
Bulk Purifier (Elu and Ori)
Card Deleter
Safe Level Upgrader
Same-Sex Marriage System
Adoption System
Mini Games (Protect The V.I.P., Poring Ball, Bomberman, Guitare Hero)
Full Old Payon
Tuning Specialist
Platinum Skills NPC
Rental NPC
Hat Dude (Regional Officials & Various Statless Color Originals)
Hat Synthesizer
Item Merchie (One-Click and Advanced)
Random Gift Drop
Alliance Chat

War of Emperium Times (GMT -5:00)
Euro Morning War of Emperium FE - Saturday - 07:00-08:00 Server Time.
American Afternoon War of Emperium FE - Saturday - 14:00-15:00 Server Time.
Asian/Aus Nighttime War of Emperium FE - Saturday - 22:00-23:00 Server Time.
War of Emperium SE - Sunday - 16:00-17:00 Server Time.

Baby War of Emperium Times (GMT -5:00)
Baby War of Emperium 1 - Thursday - 22:00 - 23:00 Server Time.
Baby War of Emperium 2 - Sunday - 9:00-10:00 Server Time.

Player @ Commands [Also found via Main (Fleece)(viewtopic.php?f=9&t=26#p43"), Test(Wool) (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=26#p44)]
@request - Use this to contact GM (Game Masterís) in game with questions or anything you need help with.
@commands - Displays a list of @ commands available to the player.
@charcommands - Displays a list of # commands available to the player.
@help (@h, @help2, @h2) - Displays helpfile in eAthena base directory.
@rates - Displays the server rates.
@uptime - Show server uptime.
@showdelay - Shows/Hides the "there is a delay after a skill" message.
@exp - Displays current levels and % progress.
@whosells - Use this to locate a vendor selling the item your looking for, and the price ranges the item is selling for.
@mobinfo (@mi, @monsterinfo) - Show Monster info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff).
@iteminfo (@ii) - Show Item info (type, price, etc).
@whodrops - Show who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rate).
@time - Of course, for checking the server's time.
@uptime - For those curious to see if we really are a stable server or update often.
@autoloot - Use this to have monster dropped items go directly to inventory.
@alootid - Use this to have a specific item only go directly into inventory.
@away - Set an away message for yourself.
@duel - Organize a duel with another player. Respond with @accept, @reject, @leave.
@main - Use the main channel. Unfortunately, the "," shortcut is gone for now.
@showexp - View the experience points you gain per monster.
@showzeny - Show the zeny you gain.
@autotrade - Allows you to vend offline. Just setup shop, use the command, logoff.
@rates - View our server rates.
@showdelay - Disable the delay message. You can also use /noskillfail.
@exp - Displays your current experience points and percentage of your level.
@mobinfo - Check information on monsters.
@iteminfo - Lets you know how much an item costs and some more info.
@whodrops - Locate which monsters drop an item.
@idsearch - Find the ID or name of an item for use with @whodrops.
@me - Like IRC's /me. It displays a message to be read as an action.
@memo - For acolyte-classes to manage their warp portal lists.
@whosells - Use this to locate a vendor selling the item your looking for, and the price ranges the item is selling for.
@die - Allows you to quickly kill your character to return to respawn.
@refresh - Refreshes your display to bring it back in synch with the server itself.
@ally - This allows you to chat with alliance members for better coordination or just for fun.
@nochat - This disables seeing chat boxes by FaustVIII.
@novend - This disables seeing vend boxes by FaustVIII.

  • No Wings.
  • Yes, we have hats. They remain stat-less for now and are available via events.

The plan is to have fun events with prizes you will all enjoy.

Please see the Donation page.

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